All about IJAARA

Is it our next big ticket project to empower women through food service. We also called this as

“ India’s first All Women Cloud Kitchen Food Service”. We welcome all women interested in cooking and culinary can become a part of Ijaara. Ijaara means monopoly and we are looking forward to creating a monopoly in cloud space through women empowerment. Any self-help group deals in raw material or in cook food can join us. Any women give food service from there home kitchen also welcome to part of Ijaara. Also, any women deals in organic food farming also join us. The best part of our all-women food service is

  • Free Enrolment
  • Free business opportunity
  • Free Training

Ijaara deals in

  1. Online Food Service through cloud kitchen
  2. Offline Food Service through catering service
  3. Quick service restaurant run by an all-women team

Simple condition to join Ijaara

  1. Fill up the enrolment form attach with this letter
  2. Take a membership of our foundation which is free and we issue ID. A membership form is attached to this letter
  • If you run a Self Help Group then share a group photo of your team which we listed in our android app and website
  1. Use Ijaara logo in your business premises as a partner. Creative we provide
  2. Give us all the document we ask like SHG registration number, address proof, govt id of member etc
  3. Share with us your specialty in food made with a rate card.
  • If you provide raw material then share us the rate of your raw material
  • No male participation is allowed in Ijaara. The only female can be a part of this project.

Activity in Ijaara

  1. You can post a cookery video with us. We use the video in our official Ijaara youtube channel on your credit. You can also suggest your unique cooking recipe
  2. Organize ladies camp on various reason in your area and share the image with us
  • Be a part of our official Whatsapp group and participate in the day to day cooking-related posts or issues.
  1. If you have a business opportunity for other cities then share the same with other members of the same city. Say you are from Mumbai and you have a catering order for Dehradun, then pass the opportunity to Team Dehradun and take the margin.
  2. Try to viral our YouTube channel in your circle and makes it popular
  3. Download Ijaara app in your smartphone and encourage others to do the same


  1. We plan to spread Ijaara in 50 cities and engage women in culinary
  2. We plan to enrol 500 women in stage one
  3. We plan to enrol 100 Self Help Group in stage one
  4. We plan to open a training centre in five cities.
  5. We plan to raise fund through various resources and help our Ijaara team member to open there own cloud kitchen or spread business

Present Situation of Ijaara

  • We already spread our wings in many cities including Mumbai, Amravati, Delhi, Lucknow, Allahabad, Dehradun, Ulhasnagar, Chennai, Valsad etc
  • Already 15 cites Self Help Group are in our process
  • We have our network in Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Tamil Naidu. Soon we add Karnataka, Telengana, Himachal Pradesh and Assam.